Refinitiv Facts System. Develop client-centric specialist applications, and power classified buyer portal experience.

Providing the means to access a wide range of statistics and international marketplace facts when you look at the affect to drive the workflow-critical solutions.

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  2. Precisely Why Refinitiv?
  3. How exactly we enables
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Re-imagine your approach to data

Utilize a depth of data coverage unrivaled elsewhere with an individual, regular event, and electricity your software for a lowered time-to-market.

Whether it is third-party, general public, trade, or our proprietary information, the Refinitiv Data program provides a whole new method to analytics, technology invention, facts distribution, and cost management.

Accessibility a wide range of real time, reference, end-of-day, time show, and alternate information within the affect to drive your own evaluation and deploy your workflow-critical applications.

The Refinitiv Data Program: key takeaways

Power our real time, days show, and resource information, and business, account, sentiment and information content, to bolster the workflow needs.

Carry out most with enriched information, built on a frequent facts unit with consistent symbology and tagging for simple information on-boarding and integration.

Explore our very own facts inventory, test out the API, accessibility articles examples, and build with Cloud-based Jupyter notebooks in our API playground.

Incorporate all of our facts with versatile, cloud-enabled selection and access activities, like managed service, query-ready dining tables, bulk data or API phone calls.

Reap the benefits of cloud structure, reduce general reliance on legacy architectures, leverage elastic calculate, and let quicker implementation of workflows and software.

Streamline your own workflow with trusted analytics pre-configured with rates, markets and research information, with comprehensive investment class insurance coverage.

Exactly how we can really help

Running your company desires

Wealth administration


Energy trading and possibility systems and develop latest trading and investment sizes with real-time facts and cross-asset statistics.

Quant data

Develop quant brands for profile construction and mine newer data for alpha generation leverage query-ready content.

Regulatory stating

Always make sure pre-trade and post-trade openness to meet up regulatory requisite and revealing expectations associated with greatest delivery.

Data management

Modernize facts control, influence cloud system and knowledge to force enterprise businesses goals.


Rapidly learn, testing, evaluate, integrate and construct promising systems, including A.I. and maker studying programs.

A new facts knowledge

Redefine the way you find, evaluate, examination, and create with Refinitiv and 3rd party information.

Facts control and enrichment

Optimize the value of information with smart information tagging and aggregation features.

Creating out an enterprise facts pond with a frequent information design and powerful data high quality is crucial to enhance the worth of your computer data.

The Refinitiv facts program offers and links a giant selection of information means, which makes it easier to see relationships and conduct analyses with the normal code control motor and Intelligent Tagging functionality.

Lessen the info and costs associated with data wrangling, utilizing one common facts design, symbology mapping methods, and the detailed security identifiers powered by our open identifier, PermID.

Cloud-enabled processing and level

Lower total cost of ownership, perfect time and energy to industry, and power affect technology generate analytics and understanding.

Flexibility from affect providers: Whichever provider you’re with – like Amazon online Services, Microsoft Azure and yahoo Cloud – all of our API brings the data.

Entry to considerably content: 100m+ devices, like special information sets – 2 times that of all of our closest opponent, with higher geographic insurance, from over 500 sites going back to 1996.

Backwards being compatible: history APIs may be recognized in affect.

Lower total cost of ownership: without structure implemented on site, in conjunction with very little installations and setup necessary to access data when you look at the cloud, stay away from large leased-line expenditures and speed up your own deployment.

Most community cloud jobs were delivering a lot better than anticipated results for instant expense decreases – Origin: Refinitiv general public affect financial investment Barometer document.